Bondek Flooring

Timberbond's Bondek™ Flooring is unique…it doubles as a floor and a ceiling forming an attractive exposed surface area while also serving as a structural component, eliminating the need for floor joists. This flooring system is manufactured from selected laminations, of kiln dried and finger jointed (if necessary) timber. The combination of laminated timber and the tongue and groove system that joins the boards together creates a strength that enables Bondek™ flooring to span up to 8 metres unsupported. This is especially beneficial in situations where height restraints dictate the need to maximise headroom.

The panels usually come in a 300mm cover and in lengths to suit the building dimensions. The underside has V'd edges and is filled and sanded to create an attractive ceiling. The thicknesses of the panels are 42mm, 52mm, 65mm, 90mm, 135mm and 180mm depending on the load and span requirements.

Bondek Flooring Bondek Flooring Bondek Flooring

Cost Saving

By using Timberbond's structural flooring a reduction in costs over conventional floors is achieved. As the Structural Flooring is up to 6 times lighter than a concrete floor (for example). Costs savings can be made in the reduction of the size of beams, foundations and other structural components of a building. The floor can also acts as a diaphragm for the building, further reducing the overall weight of the structure. Additional cost savings can be made by not having to install floor joists and other structural components of a floor. Through clever design and planning, large savings can be made in a combination of all these areas.

Bondek Flooring Bondek Flooring Bondek Flooring

Fire Rating

When calculating the fire resistance rating of glue laminated timber elements, it assumed that charring of exposed surfaces of the Glulam member occurs at a uniform rate, in the case of NZ Radiata Pine, it is taken as 0.65mm per minute. When exposed to heat of a fire, timber undergoes a thermal breakdown (pyrolysis) into combustible gases, and a layer of charcoal forms on the burning surface.

The Thermal Resistance of softwood laminated flooring is rated at Rt = 0.81 m2°C/W (for 65mm thickness). Insulation coverings will make a difference to the thermal rating of the final product application. The New Zealand Standard 4214:1977 will assist further with calculations to include insulation coverings

Flooring Thickness






Fire Rating

½ hour

1 hour

1¼ hour

1½ hour

2 hours

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